Designed and built to cope with the most advanced standards of the industry

EDH’s data center is designed and built to be aligned with the advanced standards of the industry, Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute multi-tenant/ colocation data center host some major international companies as well as supra governmental organisations.

Our data center includes:

  • 5 111 square meters of data center space over 3 floors
  • Up to 6 MWatts of power distributed through two fully redundant transmission paths
  • Redundant UPS power system based on Static and Rotary UPS
  • Up to 20-kilowatts of power per cabinet
  • Multi-carrier fiber couples with separate paths
  • Private real time monitoring tool provided to end clients to supervise their room and racks KPI’s in real time
  • 24/7 on-site operations center monitoring electrical, mechanical, fire, safety and security systems.
  • 100% renewable energy

EDH is committed to advancing energy efficiency in our data center infrastructure and operation standards

Since 10 years, EDH’s data center runs on 100% renewable energy. Guided by the wish to participate actively in working towards a better world, EDH has been among the first sites certified ISO 50001 and continues to work on ensuring the sustainable growth of the Internet.

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12D, Impasse Drosbach
L-1882 Luxembourg