EDH offers bespoken solutions with a culture of achievement and excellent service. We love to develop long-term, relationship with our customers in a spirit of transparency, dynamism and innovation. You will feel the personal touch making our team more responsive to your needs.

Service Design

Whatever your technical requirements are, EDH can offer the most adequate bespoken solution, to cover your specific needs and support you in your day-to-day activities.

Technical Deployment Support

EDH can offer both technical design, and turnkey solutions to meet your cabinet and cabling requirements. Our team of experts provides a wide range of long terms experience in various technical areas to propose the best solution covering your expectations in the most cost-efficient manner.

Technical Solutions

  • Cabinet dimensions and vendor selection to suit your hardware requirements
  • Cabinet to cabinet copper and fibre infrastructure
  • Room optimization
  • Power balancing
  • Redundant cable raceways
  • Cabinet PDU selection
  • Power and environmental monitoring
  • As build documentation & test certification
  • Quality guarantee

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