Since its inception, European Data Hub has positioned itself as an expertise- and skills-based business serving international companies as well as large local institutions but also small and medium local companies. Through its unique business model, EDH has rapidly achieved wide recognition and has been able to gain major international clients in various areas such as international banking, health care, large industrial companies, supra-national institutions, global leaders in the Internet business, outsourcing businesses, international air carriers, etc.


EDH has year after year shown a spirit of innovation and pioneering. In many occasions, it was first in implementing state of the art process and procedures or in launching new products and platforms using the most modern technologies. As some example, EDH was the first data center in Luxembourg certified ISO 50001 and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) by the Uptime Institute. It was also the first data center certified EN 50600 in the world.

By launching some real time monitoring platform based on interactive 3D rendering and open to integrate Virtual Reality EDH, once again, showed his addiction to advanced and innovative technologies.

Smart Monitoring Tool

Our Smart Monitoring Platform lets you monitor in real time the key performance indicators for your IT room and for your IT equipment and acts upon the data accumulated. It is open to modifications and can easily be adapted to your specific needs and requirements. The gathered data can be filtered and analysed to get detailed insights by using highly efficient analysing tools. Furthermore APIs allow linking our Monitoring Platform to some of the market leading products in the areas of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Access Control and Video Monitoring, Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), etc

Bespoke Solutions & Services

From vision to execution, EDH can help you to shape the supervision and the operation of your IT room leading to an increase in your safety level and in your business performance. We provide an end-to-end bespoke solution that drives measurable improvements in business performance.

The solution we design will be as unique as your business, as well as being designed to meet your high standards in terms of security and efficiency.

We are the business and technology partners of choice. We integrate leading technology to transform your business; we deliver sustained value for clients that make a difference in the real world.

Our team of experts in business, technology and industry use advanced technology to help you reduce cost and risk, achieve compliance, and establish a security-rich and reliable infrastructure.

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